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As we look back on the City of Greenville’s humble beginnings in 1831 as a village with as few as 500 citizens, it is amazing how the city has developed from a small mill town known as the “ Textile Center of the World” to a progressive, metropolitan city of nearly 60,000 residents with a notable record of success.

This year we commemorate 175 years of City Services – downtown development, transportation, parks and recreation, public works, neighborhood services, arts and culture, police and fire, just to name a few.

Perhaps few of us are still around who remember the progression of change and development of the City of Greenville over the years, but all of us can appreciate its historic significance to our future.

Just as downtown Main Street was the heart of the town in 1831, it is still the heart of the city today. Bounded by the Hyatt Regency on one end and the Peace Center for the Performing Arts on the other, Main Street offers a variety of amenities, including dining, shopping and entertainment.

We want to pause and thank our local businesses and entrepreneurs for many years of loyalty to the City of Greenville and hope they will continue to do business in the city in the years ahead.

Finally, we thank our citizens and our employees – our citizens who have continued to place their trust in their local government for quality services and sound fiscal accountability for the past 175 years – our employees who have dedicated years of service over the years helping us deliver quality service to our citizens. It’s because of you that Greenville is the fastest growing urban region in the country.

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