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The City of Greenville, incorporated in 1831, has always been a major focal point of governmental, social, educational, cultural, commercial and industrial activities in the Upstate. The city’s political and administrative structure provides the means by which these activities can be properly supported, through the intensive infrastructure provided – sewer, water, street maintenance, full time police and fire prevention. The expansion of the City limits allows the City to maintain, broaden and support these superb services, creating the excellent quality of life that all of the community’s residents may enjoy.

methods of annexation
Annexation is simply the property owner seeking to become incorporated in the city limits to receive its benefits and superb city services.

1. An individual property owner may petition the city for annexation of a specific parcel(s) as long as the property is contiguous (touches) the existing city limits line.

2. Where multiple property owners desire to annex a larger area, a petition may be made by 75% of the individual property owners having title to 75% of the total assessed value of all the property in the designated annexation area.

3. Also in larger areas, at least 25 percent of the qualified electors in the area desiring to be annexed can petition the city council to call for an election within the area proposed to be annexed.

benefits of annexation Click here if you’d like to a printable copy of the benefits.  
Annexation has many benefits – residents of annexed areas are eligible to vote for City officials, including the Mayor and City Council members. Moreover, residents and proprietors receive the following exceptional city services and much more:
Police Department:

6.43 police officers per square mile ( versus 0.4 deputies/square mile in the unincorporated area of Greenville County).

Quicker emergency response time (average of 6 minutes for City vs. 15 minutes within the unincorporated area of Greenville County).

A full range of crime prevention services:
Crime prevention Business Surveys
Greenville Cares
Direct Call Communicator
Eight Police Substations
Community Patrol
Victim Assistance Program
Neighborhood & Business Crime Reports
Crime Prevention Surveys
Computerized Elder Care

Fire Department

Direct fire alarm tie-in to the Fire Department. Average emergency response time to be about 3 minutes.

2 ISO class rating

Full range of inspection services

Hazmat Team, provides 24 hour response service to accidental and intentional release of hazardous materials. All personnel are trained “NFPA” Hazardous Technicians. The City of Greenville’s Fire Department coordinates closely with the appropriate business to secure an expeditious response time.

Inspection of newly renovated buildings in a time sensitive manner for the developers of the projects.

Fully trained codes department to assist with compliance with OSHA standards.

Infrastructure Assistance & Street Lighting

 Assist developers, as funds allow, with the construction cost of sewer lines, roads, landscaping and other improvements on public property. The level of assistance is determined on a project-by-project basis.

New and rehabilitated neighborhood sidewalks, as determined by City funding.

Street lighting, along with pedestrian lights in some designated areas. 

The City of Greenville has more flexible zoning regulations than the County, due to the City’s cumulative zoning classifications.

Water Rates
Water rates from the Greenville Water System are approximately one-third lower for properties located within the Greenville City limits. For example, an annual water bill of $200 outside the city limits will cost $134 within the city limits, resulting in a savings of $66.

Residential Trash Service
The Solid Waste Department is responsible for the collection and disposal of trash from residences throughout the city, in addition to a formidable recycling program.

Leaf and Limb Pick Up
The Department of Public Works collects all leaves, small limbs and brush that is raked to the side of the curb.

Street Sweeping and Maintenance
The Department of Public Works has a strategically scheduled street sweeping program, including de-icing services in the winter.

Utility Trailer Service
Public Works will provide you with a utility trailer for cleaning out your attic, basement or garage.

Community Development

The City of Greenville’s Community Development Housing Rehabilitation Programs:
– Community Improvement Program
– Emergency Repair Program
– Rental Rehabilitation Program

Neighborhood Action Grants
The Key Program for Home Ownership (city only program)
Comprehensive job training/ improvements and placement programs

Alcohol Sales
The City of Greenville has passed a referendum allowing for the sales of alcoholic beverages on Sundays in contiguous restraints to the city limits.


Business License Tax Abatement
The City of Greenville provides an abatement of the business license tax for any new business that annexes into the city, except for nightclubs, taverns, bars and related clubs, or bingo operators. Any business will be considered "new" if it is located on real property which is annexed into the city or establishes a location in the City, even if it has previously conducted the same or similar operations outside the city.
Businesses receive a 100 % tax abatement for the first year of operation; 66% in the second year; and 33% in the third year. Beginning in the fourth year of operation, the full business license tax is paid. If the business begins operating with less than six months remaining in the calendar year, it may elect to extend its 100 % abatement to the second taxable year provided it pays 50% of the tax otherwise due in the third taxable year.

South Carolina State Incentives
Click the link above for more information about state incentives.

more information
For more details, contact Tracy Dozier, Marketing Strategist, Economic Development with the City of Greenville at 864-467-5723 or e-mail Tracy Dozier

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