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new business checklist

Click here for a brochure on starting your own business.
Click here for a guide to small business.

Although every business is different in there needs and expectations, here is an example of things to do when organizing a business:

– Prepare a business plan
– Draft partnership agreement or incorporate
– Open checking account
– Talk with accountant about bookkeeping systems
– Set up bookkeeping system
– Research insurance needs
– Develop brochure or logo
– Develop rate structure
– Print brochure or letterhead
– Prepare training manual
– Develop pay structure – employees/contractors
– Develop billing procedures
– File appropriate state and federal tax forms
– Market research/advertising
– File for a Business License 4th floor City Hall, in "Building, Zoning and Licenses," also know as, "The One Stop Shop". Call 864-467-4505.
– If you are a resident business, in the city, you will need to also apply for an occupancy permit. Call 864-467-4505.

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