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It’s Your Business To Recycle!

Curbside Service
Residential and business routes (outside the Central Business District) are currently in operation.

The service, recycling bins and implementation assistance is provided at no extra charge for City garbage customers. For more information, please call 864-467-8300 or email

All other businesses (and residents) are welcome to use the recycling center at 800 E. Stone Avenue which is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Businesses can also check the Index of Waste Minimization Resources which lists many vendors who provide recycling services for materials such as textiles, pallets, oil, etc.

Read on for more business recycling assistance!
Freecycle Greenville
With almost 1500 members, Freecycle Greenville is growing fast. And proving daily that one man’s trash is indeed another man (or woman’s) treasure.

Freecycle Greenville is a web-based group whose members are dedicated to the giving away of useful but unwanted goods to keep them out of landfills and maybe help someone less fortunate in the process. Items posted here must be FREE, LEGAL AND APPROPRIATE for all ages. No spam, politics or general crankiness allowed. Any one can join but members are expected to not only take items but offer them as well. Join now.

Recycling Best Practices
If you are not a City garbage customer, you are either serviced by another agency or private hauler. To begin a recycling program, here are some best management practices:
  • Find out who your waste hauler is and work to negotiate a contract with them for your recycling efforts thereby lowering your garbage costs.
  • If your garbage/waste hauler doesn’t offer recycling, inquire with some of the local recycling vendors: Pratt Industries, New Horizons Plastics, Ever-Green Recycling, American Recycling, SP Recycling, Allied Waste, Waste Industries, etc. Note: The City cannot sponsor or endorse vendors. We cannot make claims about any outside service provider .
  • Do a waste assessment. Find out what kind of recyclables you can easily recycle by making a few minor changes. Usually those items are cardboard, plastic/aluminum containers/ bottles, and paper. The haulers know the two biggest costs are labor and transportation. They will need to determine what volume you would have and if they can justify the personnel, equipment, fuel, etc. to put you on a route.
  • There are other areas in which to reduce waste such as reuse (pallets, gaylord boxes); source reduction (using double-sided copies); buying paper from sustainable forests and buying recycled products (the only way to truly recycle is to buy products made from recycled materials).
Use Retailers Who Recycle
Want to know where your recycled paper goes? Want to commit to buying recycled or tree-free paper products?

FedEx KINKO’S stocks their self-serve copiers with recycled paper. Over the span of this year’s “Green Holidays” (St. Patrick’s Day – Earth Day – Arbor Day), FedEx Kinko’s is also stocking a Green Machine copier at every U.S. location, featuring copy paper that is 100% postconsumer, processed chlorine free. They’ll also plant a tree if you buy a ream of recycled copy paper or recycled content greeting cards at their store. Best of all, FedEx Kinko’s announced in March 2003 a new Sustainable Forest-Based Products Policy, developed in consultation with Rainforest Action Network (RAN). The new policy promises to provide more and higher-content recycled papers, no use of old growth or endangered forest fibers, stock papers that are processed chlorine free, increase use of tree free papers, support source reduction such as double-sided copies, and work with suppliers to ensure that they also verify their sources and follow FedEx Kinko’s guidelines.

STAPLES announced in November 2002 its commitment to phase out paper products from endangered forests and dramatically increase its sale of recycled paper, thanks to a campaign led by ForestEthics and Dogwood Alliance, with help from lots of other environmental groups around the country.

OFFICE DEPOT now carries its “Green Top” house brand of recycled paper with 35% postconsumer content at very competitive prices with many virgin copy papers. We’ve seen specials where it’s sold at the same price as their house brand “red top” virgin copy paper.


Conservatree Holiday Cards and Wrap
Conservatree Paper
Green Home Office Supplies
Recycling Equipment and Containers
Recy-CAL Supply Company
Barco Products Picnic Tables, Benches, Signage and Receptacles
Busch Systems
Office Depot

Schaefer Waste Recycling Systems
SCLA Environmental Equipment
Waste Wise Products Attractive Recycling Containers
Recycling Computer Equipment
Rotary Club of Clemson “Computers for Kids” Program
Contact: Jack Henson, 864-654-2276
This program refurbishes computer systems for households in need who have early elementary aged children.

Contact the Goodwill Computer Store in Simpsonville for refurbishing and recycling options. Goodwill computer drop-off locations can also be found at the Blackberry Valley, O’Neal, Piedmont and Enoree County-run convenience centers. To contact the County Solid Waste Division, please call 864-297-8558.

Donation: Some public schools, churches, and non-profit organizations accept some used computer equipment for reuse. You will need to call to confirm prior to delivery. For more information on electronics recycling: Costco has formed a partnership with GreenSight Technologies LLC to offer consumers cash incentives for recycling certain types of electronics. If the equipment has trade-in value, they will receive payments in the form of Costco cash cards.

Consumer Choice Electronics Reuse and Recycling Center