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commercial corridors

Greenville, with its strong residential neighborhoods, supports a variety of local and national businesses along key commercial corridors throughout the city. The City is partnering with businesses and property owners in implementing master plans for the commercial corridors. The plans are market based, reflect the variety and uniqueness of each corridor and are in various stages of implementation.

augusta road
Augusta Street, or Augusta Road as it is referred to locally, is located less than a mile from Greenville’s central business district. This shopping district is home to a large variety of high-end specialty shops. Fine clothing stores, flower shops, health food markets and decorating resource centers can be found near old-fashioned hardware stores and a wide range of restaurants.

The Augusta Road Business Association (ARBA) is a coalition of businesses established to work together for the betterment and the economic development of the Augusta Road corridor. ARBA currently has over 70 members and holds monthly Board meetings. Membership is open to any business having an interest in Augusta Road. You can visit the Augusta Road Business Association web site at

The City of Greenville has partnered with the Augusta Road Business Association(ARBA) to facilitate a long term improvement plan for the area. The improvement project is an ongoing process that relies heavily on the active participation of local businesses. Public improvements included the removal and replacement of utility poles, the installation of mast arms at intersections to define the character of the area, and additional landscaping.

church street
Improvements to Church Street will be based on the Haynie-Sirrine Master Plan which calls for Church Street to be reduced to a four-lane, median divided boulevard with street trees and wide sidewalks. This plan focuses on making Church Street more pedestrian-friendly and creates a new neighborhood center at the intersection of Church Street and Haynie Street to create a vibrant 18-hour environment for living, working and shopping.

laurens road
Laurens Road has become known as the Motor Mile since it is home to most of the City’s car dealerships. This busy corridor is also home to many of the big box retailers in the area. This commercial corridor was recently expanded to handle the volume of traffic and will be the home to the new Automotive Research Park, part of a joint venture with Clemson University and BMW. The ICAR (International Center for Automotive Research) project will establish the Upstate as the centerpiece of the motorsport industry. This premier Automotive and Motorsport Research Center will offer training and advanced degrees in automotive engineering and motorsport technology, and create approximately 20,000 high-paying jobs.  

pleasantburg drive
Pleasantburg Drive is Greenville’s principle north/south corridor running through the geographic heart of the city.

"Pleasantburg" has seen many uses since it was first established in 1941 and now extends 7.3 miles in length with connections to both I-85 and I-385. It is home to some of the City’s most significant institutions, including the Downtown Airport, Greenville Technical College, Bob Jones University, Carolina First Center, and the University Center.

The City of Greenville is working with the Pleasantburg Drive Business Association to assist property and business owners in marketing the corridor as the location of choice for business, technology and education. A 2001 Market Study identified the area as a potential high-technology corridor. The Pleasantburg Drive Master Plan was completed in 2004 and includes an updated market study, as well as recommendations for the expansion of the Carolina First Center, redevelopment of McAlister Square and the beautification of the corridor. Implementation of the Master Plan is currently underway. The City’s Facade Improvement Program is available to properties within the Pleasantburg Drive Corridor Overlay District. Eligible projects can receive up to $10,000 toward facade improvements. Please call 864-467-4404 for more information.

western corridor
A $24 million dollar roadway expansion project will be reshaping this commercial corridor over the next two years. The project includes the widening of Buncombe Street and the extension of Stone Avenue to Buncombe Street. Rezoning of the area has taken place to encourage appropriate development. Additionally, a recent market study on the Western Corridor/West Washington Street area was recently completed. To review the market study, click here using Acrobat Reader. To download Acrobat Reader, click here.

west washington
A recent traffic study proposed several alternatives for making West Washington Street a pedestrian friendly corridor. This includes diagonal parking, a landscaped median and a narrowing of the travel lanes. Additionally, an economic market study to identify businesses and other uses was recently completed. To review the market study, click here using Acrobat Reader. To download Acrobat Reader, click here. A master plan and streetscape design are currently being developed.

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