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How many cities can boast a Downtown with over sixty restaurants and a unique collection of galleries and shops within a comfortable 15-minute walk? Greenville can! Downtown Greenville has become a favorite destination for Upstate diners and shoppers who want to experience a unique variety of dining experiences unmatched in the region.

a taste for everyone
Downtown restaurants offer a variety of dining choices catering to every taste and price range. With over sixty restaurants, the choices Downtown offer tempting menu items for visitors and residents alike.

Virtually all of the restaurants are locally owned one-of-a-kind eateries ranging in cuisine from Dutch to Thai, Italian to Greek.

The restaurant growth Downtown is a continuing trend. Since 1992, over forty-five restaurants have opened their doors creating a niche market unique to the region and redefining the role of Downtown in the community.

a shopper’s advantage
Art galleries, boutiques, and an assortment of specialty shops, most of which are locally owned and operated, offer choices that cannot be found elsewhere.

A renewed interest in Downtown shopping has created increased demand for Downtown retail establishments. The City recently retained a marketing and research consultant to provide a comprehensive retail and entertainment market analysis for Downtown. The assessment provides valuable information for retail businesses interested in locating Downtown.

With wide sidewalks, outdoor plazas, and streetside outdoor dining opportunities, Downtown Greenville offers a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere that has been compared to that of a European city. Truly, shopping and dining in Greenville are pleasurable experiences.

One of Downtown’s biggest attractions is the Reedy River Falls Historic Park featuring two sets of waterfalls. Located in the West End area and adjacent to the Peace Center and the new Governor’s School, the Park also has miles of walking and bicycle trails that follow the river along our Downtown greenway.

The Downtown Business Association and the West End Association create partnerships allowing restaurants and shops in the central city to work together to collectively market their unique products.

The City of Greenville has worked diligently over the past several years to increase the number of parking spaces in the Downtown. Currently there are over 7,000 City owned and operated spaces available. All of these spaces are available to the public.

A first-class validation program allows downtown merchants to provide free or discounted garage parking to their customers.

All 782 on-street parking spaces are FREE for downtown customers- no meters, no tokens. These spaces provide downtown visitors with ample one and two hours worth of convenient curbside parking.

the customers
During the day, the central business district is home to over 17,000 employees and has become an evening destination for the area, attracting residents and visitors every night of the week.

Special events and activities such as Downtown Alive, Fall For Greenville, Main Street Jazz, Gallery Tours, and many others are attracting more and more visitors each year.

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