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gis services 
The GIS Division is an internal support function of the City of Greenville. We provide support to nearly every city function through a variety of geographic services and products. Our mission is to support improved city services through leadership in the creation, maintenance, and analysis of geographic information and by facilitating access to that information.

A variety of letter-size maps as well as large E size plotter maps are available free of charge for download to the public.  
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geographic data
Geographic data within the city limits of Greenville is available for a small fee. Here you will find a a complete listing of available data, format, pricing, and ordering information.
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Correct assignment and proper posting of street addresses in the City is vital to receiving quality services from Police and Fire response to hot pizza delivery. Find out how addresses are assigned, corrected, and posted.
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streetfinder map
Street Finder is a 47-page street index book that provides an alphabetical index of all streets within the city with a reference to corresponding map page and grid section number. This digital document is provided free of charge to the public in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format and can be printed in either black and white or color. Click here to download a copy.

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