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at linky stone park

what is the children’s garden?
An interactive multi-themed garden designed to enrich children’s intelligence, creativity and well-being through exploration and discovery.

where is it located?
At Linky Stone Park, a 1.7-acre greenspace along the Reedy River, between downtown Greenville and the revitalized West End.

who created it?
A collaboration of a number of visionary individuals and organizations, including:

•  Leadership Greenville Class 30, a program of the Greater Greenville Chamber of Commerce that provides important training and education to 50 emerging community leaders.

•  The City of Greenville Parks and Recreation Department, which donated the land, provided seed money and will offer long-term maintenance of the garden.

•  Stone Manufacturing facility once stood on the site and donated the property to the City of Greenville in honor of family matriarch Linky Stone.

•  Erin Jordan Knight, the landscape designer who created the design for the Children’s Garden.

why was the garden started?

Children today are more isolated from daily contact with plants and animals than at any point in human history. A thoughtfully designed children’s garden can provide a wealth of experiences once found only in nature – experiences that many child development experts suggest are some of the most powerful and influential in the enrichment of intelligence, creativity, and physical and mental health.

how was the garden funded?
The Children’s Garden will be made possible by generous tax-deductible grants and donations from foundations and individuals committed to enriching the lives of Greenville ‘s children, now and for generations to come.

Click here to download a copy of The Children’s Garden Plan.

Click here to donate to The Children’s Garden.

Click here to take a virtual tour of The Children’s Garden.

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