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GIS Mapping Innovations

Seeing Greenville from A Different Point of View
The City of Greenville Geographic Information Systems (GIS) division is continually working with web based data providers such as Google Maps, Google Earth, Microsoft Virtual Earth, Navteq, and Teleatlas to assure that the public has access to the best quality and most current city information available. Access to good local data benefits our residents and businesses who utilize this information to support a variety of needs and services. Easy public access also supports tourism as well as future residents and businesses considering a move to our city. A variety of high-tech web based information and products provides the ability to see our city from multiple points of view.
View the WYFF News Report on Greenville’s 3-D Modeling Efforts
3 Dimensional (3D) View
A 3D model of Greenville’s downtown was constructed in 2007 to support development and planning activities. Created for the City by Precision Light Works, the model utilized the Pictometry oblique images to texture the structures and consists of 2250 buildings covering a 2.25 sq. mi. section of the city. The model provides city staff the ability to view the downtown from a variety of angles and positions and produce quality products such as virtual reality fly-over. View A Sample 3-D Video Product.

The un-textured 3D model of downtown Greenville can be viewed by downloading and installing the free Google Earth viewer at
Street-Level View
Google Street View is a new feature of Google Maps and Google Earth that provides 360° panoramic street-level views of cities such as Greenville. Launched on May 25, 2007, only five cities were included but have since expanded to more than 40 U.S. cities including suburbs. The view displays a series of photos taken by a camera mounted on an automobile, and can be navigated using keyboard or mouse. The photos can be viewed in different sizes, from any direction, and from a variety of angles.
The Street Level view of Greenville can be found at by activitating the Street Level tab.
Birds Eye View (Oblique Images)
The birds eye view utilizes oblique images captures from an airplane. Oblique is the technical term used to describe an aerial photograph that is taken at a 40 degree angle. This means that a feature, such as a house, building, street light, fire hydrant etc. can be seen in its entirety from all sides rather than just a straight down (orthogonal) view. For instance, you can see the front door of a house, the back door, the windows etc. Under contract with the City, the oblique images of Greenville were flown and created by Pictometry in 2007. A new flight to capture updated images is planned for winter 2009.

The oblique image views of Greenville (January 2007) are available to the public through Microsoft’s Live Maps by activating the Birds eye tab.
Satellite View (Orthogonal Images)
Higher quality and recent updated aerial imagery of Greenville is provided to public internet providers like Google and Microsoft for use on their web map applications. This improved imagery for Greenville replaces a higher altitude and lower resolution quality image available from satellite companies such as Digital Globe.

The higher resolution images of Greenville can be viewed at by activating the Satellite tab.