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mice on main
a unique way to explore downtown greenville
Goodnight Moon is the children’s book that the mice idea came from. As a senior project at Christ Church Episcopal School, Jimmy Ryan proposed the idea of placing the mice downtown for children to hunt.  He raised the funding and commissioned Zan Wells, local sculptor, to make the individual mice.
A bronzed sculpture of the book and one mouse are mounted on the fountain in front of the Hyatt Regency hotel and the other eight mice are installed along a nine-block stretch of Main Street between the Hyatt & the Westin Poinsett hotels.
hints to finding the mice

1. Where the Hyatt’s water springs above ground; Mickey is on his book.

2. Minnie is within 75’ of Mickey keeping vehicles off the sidewalk across Main St.

3. Mickey, Jr. is too young to drink coffee, but he is trying to sneak down the stairs anyway.

4.With a northern view, second son Mikey watches the crowds at Bergamo Plaza.

5. At her “high” tech locations, Miss Miney, Mikey’s twin sister, keeps an eye on the pedestrians from above and she is the hardest to find.

6. Young Melissa keeps a view of patrons on the Westside of Main St. half way between Washington St. and McBee St.
7. Melissa’s kid brother Mitch is ready to run into the Wachovia inner garden.

8. Minnie’s sister Aunt Mifflin stays near her wall at the high rise by the oldest bank building.

9.  Near an old drug store at the Italian rain spout, Uncle Miles enjoys the garden close by.

Download a printable version of the hints.


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