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Public Works Operations

The Stormwater Operation Division controls the flow of surface water through the maintenance of open ditches and piped drainage, and through the installation of storm drain pipe.

The City's remedial program aims to upgrade the drainage in small select areas where the cumulative impact will have a positive effect on restraining storm water run-off. The Division also manages the 30-year post-closure plan for stormwater drainage at the Mauldin Road landfill.
Stormwater FAQs

Sanitary Sewer
The Sanitary Sewer Division is responsible for maintaining 312 miles of sanitary sewer lines. This work includes making remedial repairs to the City sewer system, which is designed to reduce inflow into the Mauldin Road treatment plant. Operations are financed by a sanitary sewer charge, which is based on meter size.

The Mauldin Road trunk sewer system receives flow from seven sewer sub districts with each owning and maintaining individual sewer collection systems. The total length of the collection system within the Mauldin Road service area is 574 miles of main trunk sewer system that is owned and maintained by the Western Carolina Regional Sewer Authority (WCRSA).
Sanitary Sewer FAQs

Streets and Sidewalks
The Streets maintains 224 miles of City streets, performs construction/rehabilitation work on 125 miles of sidewalks and 185 miles of curb and gutter sections, and assists in the maintenance of State roads within the City. Pavement maintenance includes roadway patching, driveway tie-in, and raising manhole covers. The Division is also responsible for sweeping the City’s parking garages and parking lots on a scheduled basis, and sweeping all arterial streets leading into downtown and all neighborhood streets with curbs and gutters.
Streets FAQs