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neighborhood  beautification

Over recent years, City Council has placed the beauty and livability of our neighborhoods as a top priority. Due to their commitment, the City has expanded the neighborhood sidewalk program, worked with schools on banner and landscaping projects, and intensified our efforts in maintaining our streets and keeping them clean. In May 2001,City Officials announced that the focus on neighborhood beauty and cleanliness would continue with the development of new programs that called for a partnering effort between citizens and staff. 

what we’ve done


Using community service labor, approximately 140,000 pounds of litter were removed from city streets in 2006.  Additionally, an estimated 798 tons of debris were removed through the City’s street sweeping program.


City inspectors cited 4,417 environmental code violations in 2006 for issues ranging from overgrown lots to junk or abandoned vehicles. 


The City’s Grounds Maintenance Division maintains 350 beautification plots, including neighborhood traffic islands installed as part of the City’s traffic calming program, and 27 park locations city-wide.


City-community partnerships like the Greenville Tree Foundation and the Adopt-A-Scape Program have been very successful in supplementing and maintaining Greenville’s natural beauty.  Additionally, by seeking partnerships with other local and state agencies, and by supporting residents’ efforts, the City is working to ensure that Greenville remains clean and green.

Greenville Tree Foundation
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programs (continued)

Adopt-A-Scape Program
Click here for more information about the City’s Adopt–Scape program.

Palmetto Pride

Through Palmetto Pride’s Community Pride Grant Program, the City has received funding for such projects as stocking the Neighborhood Resource Center with neighborhood clean-up supplies, purchasing trees for Atwood Street, North Main Street and Richland Cemetery, printing brochures about the City’s Adopt-A-Scape Program and planting landscaping at several illegal dumping sites in city neighborhoods.

Additionally, over the past two years, six city neighborhood associations have applied for and received Community Pride Grants from Palmetto Pride for litter-reduction and beautification projects in their own neighborhoods.

Click here for more information about Palmetto Pride’s Community Pride and Tree Grant Programs .

Neighborhood Clean-ups

Another way that the City partners with neighborhoods is by supporting neighborhood clean-ups.  To assist neighborhood residents in their efforts, the City often provides supplies and equipment like trash bags, safety vests and litter sticks, as well as delivery and removal of roll-off containers and special trash collection service on the day of the clean-up.  Additionally, with enough advance notice, the City’s Neighborhood Services Office can provide flyers to publicize the clean-up.  Neighborhood clean-up efforts resulted in the removal of 93.77 tons of household trash, debris and yard waste in 2006.

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