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neighborhood programs

The City of Greenville offers a number of programs that give residents an opportunity to identify needed improvements in their neighborhoods and to work with the City to make their neighborhoods safer and more attractive.  Below is a description of the City’s neighborhood-based programs.

neighborhood beautification
The beautiful and convenient neighborhoods that make up our city are among Greenville’s greatest assets.  By working together with city government, residents can help make their neighborhoods even better. For more information on the City’s beautification efforts, click here.

The Neighborhood Sidewalk Targeted Expansion Program (NSTEP) was developed to address the need for new sidewalk all over the city.  Through this program, every city-owned street that doesn’t have sidewalk has been identified, rated and ranked.  Approximately one mile of new sidewalk is installed each year based on funding and on the locations that received the highest ranking.  Residents can find out how their street ranked and where it falls on the list for new sidewalk by calling the City’s Engineering Division at 467-4400.


traffic management
To date, more than 75 neighborhoods have addressed such issues as speeding and cut-thru traffic by participating in the City’s Traffic Management Program. If you are interested in traffic calming for your neighborhood, click here to find out how the process works.

To view a map of neighborhoods where traffic calming devices have been installed click here.  You can also contact the City’s Traffic Engineering Division at 467-4360 for more information. 

50/50 program
Through this program, residents can petition the City for improvements to streets, sidewalks, curb and gutters or request installation of new sidewalks and curb and gutter in their neighborhoods. The costs associated with the requested improvements are then shared by the property owners and the City on a 50/50 basis. Click here for a brief summary of the 50/50 program process. You can also contact the City’s Engineering Division at 467-4400 for more information.

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