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The City of Greenville, Greenville Cares office takes service requests for any service the city of Greenville provides. We will be glad to also answer or forward any requests for information. Please feel free to e-mail us your request for service or information or you may reach us also by calling 232-CARE (232-2273).

Our hours of operation are 8 am until 5 pm, Monday through Friday, (with the exception of official city observed holidays).

greenville county information

Greenville County processes all city and county property taxes, marriage license and all other county-related services. Go to the following website: or or you may call 864-467-7100.

relocation information

Chamber of Commerce at 864-242-1050 or
The Convention and Visitors Bureau at 864-233-0461 or

common service requests

For the following service requests click here:

  1. Replace damaged or missing street sign

  2. Replace traffic signal bulb

  3. Repair traffic signal malfunction

  4. Repair street light outage

  5. Repaint poor pavement markings

  6. Send traffic calming information

  7. Repair a cracked or raised sidewalk

  8. Repair a pot hole

  9. Report a sidewalk trip hazards

  10. Report sewer problems (backups, smell, and other problems)

  11. Report a driveway tie-in problem

  12. Report storm water problems (clogged or backed up storm drains)

  13. Deliver a garbage roll cart

  14. Deliver a recycling bin

  15. Schedule a utility trailer

  16. Send recycling information

  17. Schedule bulk waste collection

  18. Schedule a Recycling Center Tour

  19. Report illegal dumping

  20. Extra garbage collection

  21. Schedule a community “clean-a-thon”

  22. Establish new resident service

  23. Send a Solid Waste services guide

  24. Request for public speaking engagements about recycling

  25. Report a problem with a Trail or Greenway.
  26. Report a problem with a bicycle lane or bicycle route.

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