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Urban Design

Urban Design relates to the arrangement, appearance and functionality of public space, specifically the shaping and uses of a space. It’s a design practice that operates at the intersection of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning.

Public space includes the totality of spaces used on a day-to-day basis by the general public; such as streets, plazas, parks and public infrastructure. Some aspects of privately owned spaces, such as building facades or gardens, also contribute to public space and are therefore also considered by Urban Design.

Downtown Greenville's 25-year revitalization process is a model for quality Urban Design.

Changes included a new streetscape plan in the 1970s, narrowing the street's four lanes to two and adding angled parking, trees and decorative light fixtures. The result today is a lofty canopy over downtown that welcomes visitors to Main Street. More

Today the work continues in downtown, and thoughout the City. Click on the links below and learn more about the Urban Design projects underway in Greenville.

Bicycle-Friendly                       Trails and Greenways                       Streetscapes