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Greenville ranked in the top 100 of Intel’s 3rd Annual “Most Unwired Cities” survey for U.S. cities and regions with the greatest wireless Internet accessibility.

how to connect

To connect to Greenville’s Free Wireless Downtown Network, head on down to Main Street any where between the Hyatt and the Peace Center, or at the Public Library. Take out your wireless enabled computer and make yourself comfortable. Once your computer is booted and is at the desktop, look at the bottom right side of the screen, by the clock. Most wireless cards have software that places an icon near the time to show you what wireless networks are available. Find the icon and double-click to see networks that are available.  If the networks don’t show right away, look for an option called “Site Survey” or “View Available Wireless Networks.”

Look for a network called “ Wireless Downtown” and click to connect.  Windows may warn you that this is an unsecured network. Check the box to connect anyway, just be aware that there is no password or security key to keep others off of the network. Anyone can connect, that’s the point of a public network!  


A word about security:  When you are on an open or unsecured network, use your best judgment on what information to send over the connection. That doesn’t mean that anyone can see your information, but it does mean that a malicious user looking for information to steal may have an easier time finding it on a public network than on one that requires you to be “jacked in.” A good rule to follow is not to send any info over the air that you wouldn’t want anyone to see. You actually have a much higher likelihood of having someone overhear you giving out a passwords or credit card number on your cell phone than on the wireless network, but “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Once connected, you will be directed to the MainStreet Wireless splash page, which explains what the network is and requires you to agree to the terms of service. Once you agree, your computer obtains an ip address and away you go, surfing the internet for free.

connection support

If you have any questions about connecting, or if you have problems online, call (864) 241-9995. If you live in Greenville or Travelers Rest, you may be interested in getting wireless high speed internet to your home. Visit to fill out an estimate request, or call us at (864) 241-9995 to set up a survey.

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